Great King Bowser (g_king_bowser) wrote in v_w_g,
Great King Bowser

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Recruiting Koopa Krew rookies for upcoming battle. >=3

Good evening, fellow do-badders and maniacal fiends. I am the Great King Bowser. In my attempts to rid myself of a couple of pesky plumbers, I have since come to the conclusion that it never hurts to have a contingency plan. I have a plan in mind for getting rid of them, but if that fails, I'll need plenty of new recruits to toss at them... I mean, to GUARD THE CASTLE... yes...

The rewards will be great, and the benefits extravagant. And don't forget our dental plan... it's so good, it's EVIL!

At any rate, I thought I might find more if I join your little group. Anyone got a problem wit' me bein' here? ~_~
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